Le modèle RCT ajoute flexibilité et commodité avec une plate-forme qui s'entrepose sous le châssis...

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Key Features:
  • La plate-forme s’encastre sous le châssis en position de mise à quai
  • Fonctionnement complètement automatique – aucun pliage ou repliage manuel
  • Mécanisme de verrouillage automatique
  • Plate-forme à déplacement avec mise à niveau
  • Idéal pour opérations de transpalettes ou de chariots
  • Feux arrière intégrés

Product Documentation (PDF)

The RCT adds flexibility and convenience with a platform that stores below bed height in a dock-ready position. Offering capacity to 4,000 lbs, the RCT is ideal for frequent dock loading and can be installed on trucks and trailers.


Speeds Dock Loading

The RCT's platform stores below bed height in a dock-ready position, so no additional maneuvering is needed before dock loading can begin. Combined with fully automatic operation with no manual folding or unfolding, the RCT speeds loading and deliveries.


Ideal for Bulk Delivery, Wheeled Cargo

All of Maxon's rail-style gates provide level ride and dock loading capability for the most demanding distribution requirements. Ideal for bulk delivery and wheeled cargo, The RCT is designed to provide years of reliable service. It's no wonder that the RCT is a perennial favorite since the 1970s.


  • Platform stores below bed level in dock ready position
  • Fully automatic operation—no manual folding or unfolding
  • Automatic locking mechanism
  • Level ride platform
  • Ideal for pallet jack or cart operations
  • Integrated taillights