Phillips Industries is celebrating its 90th anniversary as a leading supplier and manufacturer of parts for the trucking industry. The company was built on a signal arm when a patent was awarded to Phillips founder, Hugh Phillips, in 1928. The company began manufacturing the reflective signal arm two years later, and this single product became the foundation on which the company's success was built.

Today, Phillips Industries is an innovator as well as distributor of a wide variety of commercial trucking products, serving both OEMs and the aftermarket. The company is a vendor to virtually every major tractor and trailer manufacturer in the U.S., and a leader in the parts aftermarket.

Smart-Charge KIT 1 Smart-Charge KIT 2 STA-Charge System


  • Optimizes liftgate battery charging
  • Ensures batteries stay in top condition and ready for use
  • Ideal for extreme duty cycles or extreme weather