Maxon was the first to bring the rail style liftgate to the United States during the 1970s. The Railift™ Series is a classic that never goes out of style because its heavy-duty level ride and dock loading capability are designed to handle some of the most demanding distribution requirement.

Extreme Dependability

The Railift™ Series is ideal for bulk delivery and wheeled cargo with a combination of dock and street delivery. Railift™ lift gates provide a level ride through-out the lift for maximum load stability.

The ultimate goal of the groundbreaking new DMD design is to offer a high performing medium-duty Raillift™ combined with low maintenance needs. The DMD features two direct acting cylinders versus competing concepts with one horizontal cylinder and cables and/or pulleys. Consequently, the DMD has fewer moving parts resulting in less ongoing maintenance.

Maxon took the RC model a step further by offering the RCT, which expanded the capabilities to include a platform that stores below bed level and in dock-ready position.

Gate Identification

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