Conventional liftgates are the original style of liftgate. These liftgates are stored flush against the door of trucks or trailers, and they often serve as the actual door or tailgate to these vehicles. Designed for general freight loading, conventional liftgates can be used with trucks and trailers.

Conventional Reliability
Maxon’s conventional liftgate offerings provide exceptional reliability, and span a range of uses, from the compact TG to the full-size GPC cantilever.

The TG Series is a descendent of the original liftgate designs and our model is built to be a workhorse for general freight handling. A new folding mechanism makes the TG easy to install on swing door bodies, and it’s ideal for stake or van body applications where dock loading isn’t required.

Maxon’s GPC is the first North American designed and manufactured cantilever liftgate. For applications that require the extreme flexibility, or large platform of a cantilever lift, the GPC offers superior performance, coupled with Maxon’s capable service. Now, choosing a cantilever-style gate doesn’t mean long waits for parts, or wondering who will support the gate in the future.