(For Reefer Vans)


Liftgate Charging System

For heavy duty reefer applications where single/dual pole cables will be used to bulk charge liftgate batteries. Reefer, 7-way and single/dual pole cables will also supply power to a battery charger to boost the voltage on the liftgate batteries, ensuring maximum charge for more liftgate cycles. Includes the V-CHECK™ II for the state of charge digital voltage readout of the liftgate battery.




How it works

• With the PERMALOGIC™ Smart-Charge, the STA-CHARGE™ battery charger pulls power at no more than a maximum combined 28 AMPS from the following sources collectively:

    1. J560 7-way AUX/BLUE circuit    
    2. Reefer unit    
    3. Additional input to accommodate for
        technological charging input advances - ie. solar

• If these sources run low or become depleted, the PERMALOGIC™ Smart-Charge will automatically engage the liftgate/auxiliary charging system to supplement the charging.

• The liftgate/auxiliary charging system will work in conjunction with the STA-CHARGE™ battery charger, or independently.



  • Regulates power draw from ALL available sources collectively
  • Recognizes and automatically manages the best power source(s) to charge your batteries
  • Has built-in low voltage detection to avoid draining power sources
  • LED indicator displays which power input source is being utilized