Liftgate Charging System

For fleets without single/dual pole sockets, the STA-CHARGE™ System is the perfect solution. It ensures that the voltage from the AUX pin is boosted to optimum battery charging voltage. It will also regulate the current to 25A to ensure that the amp draw from the tractor never becomes so high that there would be a risk of blowing a fuse/circuit breaker. It also has a brake deactivation feature when connected the J560 RED pin. The deactivation feature will stop sending a charge to the STA-CHARGE™ to ensure that all power is available to the ABS module.



  • Maximizes the liftgate battery efficiency with a faster charge
  • Regulates over-charging of trailer batteries
  • Prevents 12V truck battery from becoming so low it won't start
  • Visual indicator shows status of charging
  • Phillips patented Lock Out feature: stops charging batteries when brakes are pressed
  • - When tied to the BLUE circuit, this ensures all power is available during an ABS event